The photographer


I am happy you came over.  My name is Galina and I am children and family photographer based in New York City and New Jersey areas.

Why Children’s photography and  Tribeca ?

I am a mom of my handsome little boy and proud aunt of my three beautiful nieces  who inspired me for what I love to do the most – photography. Watching them everyday changing and growing made me almost sleep with my camera to capture this fascinating moments of their life.

Why Tribeca Kids Photography? I love Tribeca. This is one of my favorite areas in NYC .  My photography services available for every family in NYC and NJ metro areas.

Their little magical world:

Franklin P. Jones once said: “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”

It is funny but so true. I love children, their creativity, imagination, silliness and even seriousness, which makes them look so cute. I could spend hours watching my two little nieces sleeping. They are so peaceful.

I also love to see how they are playing together or asking all the questions that are sometimes so hard to answer. And it almost hurts me to think about all these priceless moments being lost in everyday life.

Their little magical world full of adventures and new discoveries  gave me an idea to pick up a camera and start to shoot.

At some point I became a student at International Center of Photography in NYC where I was lucky to meet and be taught by amazing professionals some of whom who were generous enough to become my mentors. I still love to go back from time to time and keep learning about the art and science of photography from the best minds in the field.

That’s why I believe that photography is not only about taking pictures:

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

Every moment in children’s life is unique and unforgettable. First smile, first step, first birthday, first friends, first school day… From the moment they are born we try hard to keep memory of every hour we spend together. But we can only remember that much. So what about the smile when a birthday cake appeared on the table or the thoughtful face when choosing the first library book, or the most sincere hug that only toddlers give to their friends? They only last a fraction of a minute and then are lost forever unless caught by the watchful camera eye.

That’s why I believe that photography is not only about taking pictures. It captures the true feelings and the best moments in life and keeps them forever…