What to wear

What to wear? This is probably one of the most important questions you will want answered before your photo session.

Keep it simple,  classic and of course comfortable for your child, but try to stay away from busy designs or stripes, it will look distractive on images.

Bright colored clothes  gives images pop look.

Black and white outfit gives serious and very classic look.

Pastel colored outfit  gives images more light and dreamy effect.

You can accessorize your child’s outfit with details like a hair-bow or a hat, belt, tie or with interesting socks and shoes it always gives style to images and looks great as well.  Dont be afraid to play with colors.  For example you chose for your son classic pants and shirt, combine it with bright colored socks and classic shoes, or it can be jeans,  white t-shirt combined with a classic jacket and sneakers.  For girls if you chose a dress with not much color but you want it to look more bright, get a  hair pin or hair-band with a birth flower and it will look more colorful on images.  There are so many options. Look through kids clothing catalogs  it will give you an idea. There are also a lot of great ideas on Pinterest.

Here is what I recommend  you  to take for  photo session:

– snacks and drink (your child’s tummy has to be full and happy)

– hair brush (in case if gust of wind will mess your child’s hair)

– lipstick or cream (if your child’s lips are dry it’s better to use some cream or color free lipstick)

– wipes or napkins (in case if you need to clean your child’s face after snack)

– your child’s  favorite toy (your child will love to have a little friend with him/her on photo session)

Take a few minutes and read my article “How to get ready tips” it will help you with your preparations.

All children are different and If your baby girl want to put  her ballet skirt and princess crown on let her wear it, or boy whose favorite outfit is a superman cape from his last halloween costume, take it with you, don’t tell them No. Unless it clean, not wrinkled or ripped it works. We will always find the way how to take gorgeous pictures of your little one.  Only imagine how happy your child will be and how less stressful it will be for you.

If you would like to be photographed with your children think about your clothes as well and try to match the colors of your outfit with the rest of your family members who will be on pictures too.

Memory list:

1. Keep it simple, classic and comfortable.

2. Bright colored clothes gives images pop look.

Black and white outfit gives serious and very classic look.

Pastel colored outfit gives images more light and dreamy effect.

3. Accessorize your child’s outfit.

4. Dont be afraid to play with colors.

5. Let your children wear their favorite outfit.

6. Match the colors.

7. What to take for photo session list (upper on this page).