Remastering image

Investment what you make in your photo session doesn’t  include  only the time I spend taking pictures of your family. This is just one  part of the puzzle. The main work begins later when I start  post-production process. Remastering your images and bringing them to life takes hours and hours, before I put them all together  for your online gallery.


I start with a RAW set of images from your photo session. Imperfect white balance and camera sensors make photos look tinted. In order to make the RAW images usable they must be manually color corrected, adjusted for contrast, exposure,  sharpness   and processed into JPEG.


The difference between image what comes off the camera and what is processed after color correction is  amazing. All images you get on your CD or USB are color corrected.


However, the image is not perfect yet. I still have to remove some distracting details, marks and too deep shadows from the picture or add more shadow if the image is too bright.


After all color correction and removing imperfect details I make your image come to life by  cropping it, maybe converting  in B&W or adding more pop color, sunshine, grain, texture it all depends on what it  is on the image, what is the mood and environment on it, is the person happy or serious  and many other factors.



Before and after:


Tribeca Kids Photography


Tribeca Kids Photography


Tribeca Kids Photography