Welcome to Tribeca Kids Photography

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Welcome to Tribeca Kids Photography family! Here it is! Our new welcome packages, created for you to answer all your questions before the photo session begins.


Tribeca Kids Photography

What to wear for your photo session

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Sometimes to get ready for photo session can be a  real headache, especially if you are a mom of 2 or 3 children  with different interests. Don’t get stressed, keep it simple and let your children  help you with all preparations, so they will feel that they are participating in the process and it will give them more confidence in front of the camera. Here are several tips from Tribeca Kids Photography to help you to get organized all things you will need for your photo session:  How to get ready  for your photo session and What to wear.

Tribeca Kids Photography

Why you need a professional photographer at your child’s birthday party

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Your child’s birthday is coming soon and you are thinking about how to celebrate this special day. A typical scenario is a fun party for friends with a cake, balloons, hired entertainment and a lot of fun, of course. But wait, what about pictures? Of course, nowadays everyone has DSLR cameras and many of you can take pretty decent pictures by yourselves or give this important task to your spouses.

So let the party begin! The guests arrived, food is served, everyone is having fun and looking forward to catching up. But you can not relax because you are afraid to miss a photo opportunity and all you do at the party is running after kids trying to organize them somehow to get that perfect shoot. Once the party is over you realize that you are exhausted and disappointed since you didn’t have time to chat with your guests or simply enjoy watching the kids having fun.

So, why not to hire a professional photographer for your child’s birthday party? Not many people consider it a must, but this can make this important for your family day much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Save right.

Of course all parents do everything they can to make their children feel special on their birthday, within a reasonable budget. It is important how you decide to distribute the costs, since food, gifts, rent and other expenses add up very quickly. We rarely think twice about paying a premium price for entertainers who are doing the important job of keeping our kids busy and organized at the party. But hiring a photographer is just as worthwhile, if not more. Your child will not remember every his or her birthday party but beautiful pictures will create life-long memories. So, think what is really important first. And save right.

Consider the value

There are several reasons a professional photographer is an important component of a successful party planning. Experience, high quality photographic products, photographic vision, patience with children are only a few. Remember that when you hire a professional, you pay for the experience, training and expertise which result in beautiful and unique photo artwork starring your child.


I often hear: «Wow, this is a great shoot! What kind of camera do you have?» And then:  «Oh, that’s why, I will get the same one». An expensive camera makes better pictures, there is no doubt about that. But using one to produce outstanding results is a skill that cannot be mastered overnight. Camera is just a tool, and like with any other tools, you have to know how to use it really well in order to create beautiful pictures.


To get «That’s a great picture» effect is not easy without some post production work, or retouching. Most pictures do not need a lot of retouching and some are perfect without the magic of Photoshop. But in many cases, adjusting the color, contrast, brightness, darkness or using black and white conversion can make an image an unforgettable work of art.

High quality photographic products

Professional photographers have access to products that are not available to general public.  All prints from professional labs are designed to last around 100/200 years and can be ordered on a wide variety of printing paper and in different sizes. Professional prints on photo gallery wraps, standouts, frames, albums cards, boutique products that lasts several generations.

Photographic vision

Each photographer has his or her own photographic vision and style which result from years of experience and practice. Professional photographer notices details which other people won’t and brings them all together on a  picture. For a professional photographer it’s not just about taking a few pictures, it is about creating art pieces that will last years.

Patience with children:

As parents we often lose patience when our children don’t listen, and, as a result, we get the «Are you done yet?» smile on picture. With professional photographers it’s different. Children typically behave better with them and they are more relaxed because photographers help children feel at ease. They also try to create a fun environment for them to make the experience more enjoyable.

Where are you here? I can not see you on picture…

Here is another benefit of hiring a professional photographer. You can be in front of camera with your loved once and friends, not behind.

Our child’s birthday is tomorrow; don’t forget to charge the camera…

With a professional photographer at your child’s birthday party all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the priceless moments with your family. This is your child’s special day, so be part of it. And a professional will work his or her magic to make sure these moments stay with your family for many more years to come…


“How to get ready” tips

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Almost every time a new session is booked, parents ask me how to prepare their child for a photo shoot. This is very important question because getting kids ready to have their pictures taken can really make or break a photo session. It is easy nowadays to find a lot of information about photo shoot preparation from different children photographers in the Internet. In this article I will give you several “how to” tips from my photography experience. So, here we go!


Tip # 1: Make sure your child is rested. Portrait sessions can be pretty high-energy, and making sure your little one got plenty of sleep is important.


Tip # 2: A good breakfast or lunch is important for your child everyday and the photo day is no exception. But don’t worry if your little one didn’t eat much. You can always take some snacks with you. We will have time for a  snack break during the photo session.


Tip # 3: What to wear? This is probably one of the most important questions you will want answered before your photo session. Here is what I recommend:

–         Put together two or three outfits for your child’s portrait session. We do not have to use them all but it always helps to have options.

–         Try to keep the look classic. To make it more fun, you can accessorize it with details like a hair-bow or a cap, or with interesting socks and shoes.

–          If your child have his or her favorite toy take it with you for our photo session. They will love cuddling their little friend while posing and having something familiar will help them feel comfortable in the new surroundings.


Tip # 4: Practice smiling with your child. It’s important because it will make him feel more confident in front of the camera. How to avoid a fake smile? Great question!  There are some little tricks I can use (favorite toys, candy, silly face or whatever is appropriate for your child) to bring out a great smile.


But perhaps the most important thing is to get the kids and parents to relax. If mom and dad are pressuring: “C’mon Baby!  Look at the camera!  Smile!  Say cheese!  No, I mean a real smile!”, then you can almost guarantee painfully fake smiles.  I like to let kids run around, have them play with mom and dad, and basically relax.  When kids try to smile for the camera, it’s never “real.”  When they’re smiling or laughing because they’re genuinely having a good time, it is real magic.


Tip # 5: Rewarding children at the end of the session: a trip to an ice cream shop, a surprise toy, a movie or special time together will make the experience even more special for your child.